Finding the hook to a great news story

Having an exciting tale is only half the battle in getting the media to take notice of a story and tell the world about it – you also have to find the right hook to reel them in.


  1. Use the news – if your story is going to get any exposure you have to make sure it’s relevant. Look at the main headlines around your industry and see if the story you want to tell is part of any wider goings on. Chances are that if your story fits in well enough alongside these you’ll see good results.


  1. Don’t wait around and miss the boat when you spot an opportunity. The key to getting the best exposure is to be first, fast and frank – so make sure to jump on that story while it’s in full flow. As long as you make sure you’re proving your expertise in the area rather than commenting for the sake of it then you’re onto a winner. Don’t let that ship sail without you.


  1. Make the story accessible to people. Most people don’t really know their mackerel from their megrim – it’s important to remember that you are experts in your field but most people will need a bit more explanation, especially if you’re planning on targeting the mainstream press!


  1. Make your story interesting! Another key one for targeting mainstream titles – make it something ordinary people care about. A really good human interest case study can go a long way towards getting published – and doesn’t have to come at the detriment of the key messages you want to get across.


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