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Ey up! It’s Yorkshire Day!

Why today?

Every year, on the 1 August, the people of Yorkshire put on a united front to celebrate their home county. But why today? The first ever ‘Yorkshire Day’ took place on 1 August in 1975, after it had been officially declared the previous year at a meeting of the Yorkshire Ridings Society. According to BBC reporter Carole Green, “every year, on that day, members of the Society read a declaration of the integrity of Yorkshire at each of the four Bars of York” (no, not the drinking kind!).

This year the main event will take place in the South of Yorkshire, as Sheffield’s civic officials take part in a march to Sheffield Cathedral, followed by a parade and a day of festivities. Since we’re celebrating all things Yorkshire, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best PR stunts and activities that took place today.

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day vending machine, Xscape in Castleford

Xscape, the leisure complex in Castleford, has installed its very own Yorkshire-esque vending machine. Forget fruit pastels and fanta, think Yorkshire puddings, tea and flat caps! Brands such as Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Water, Seabrook Crisps, Henderson’s Relish, and Aunt Bessie’s have all contributed their Yorkshire-based products in support of today’s event.

 The reopening of Piece Hall

The Piece Hall in Halifax is thought to be one of the few Georgian buildings to showcase the history of Yorkshire’s working people, rather than that of the aristocracy, and it reopens today! From 10am onwards, a multitude of new businesses and shops run by the Piece Hall Trust opened to visitors for the first time, marking the start of a day of fun-filled activities for the public.

Nicky Chance Thompson, Chief Executive of The Piece Hall Trust said:

‘The Piece Hall is a much-loved building here in Halifax and we wanted to welcome local people first, to see for themselves the work that has been undertaken to transform this major piece of our heritage into a stunning part of our future.’

York Maze

York Maze is holding a Yorkshire pudding throwing competition to show their appreciation of ‘God’s Own Country’ (what a waste!), as well as a straw bale race and live music to commemorate our county.

Pubs in Leeds

It has also been reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post that the town of Leeds, will rename all its pubs after celebrities from Yorkshire- that shouldmake the infamous ‘Otley run’ (a bar crawl that runs through Headingly) more interesting! The bars are said to be named after the likes of Alan Bennett, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Dynamo, Nicola Adams, and, of course, Sean Bean.



And what better way to promote our white rose county than social media? Most notably Instagram and Twitter have been bombarded by a plethora of images posted by the general public, all of which are rejoicing over everything Yorkshire- and of course we’re all using #YorkshireDay.









As a Yorkshire-based agency, we’ll certainly be enjoying a few cups of Yorkshire Tea to celebrate. To find out more about what we do for our Yorkshire clients (and those further afield) take a look at our case studies: http://www.acceleris-mc.com/.

Hunting For Awards – A Winning Team

The annual Acceleris away day is an opportunity for team-building, improving skillsets and most importantly of all, a healthy dose of competition between colleagues.

This year we embarked upon a Great Yorkshire Treasure Hunt set by our Chairman Nigel. With four teams working through six pages of cryptic clues and directions to take us round the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, it was a race against the (mileage) clock to answer all the questions in the shortest distance.

The winning team, Not Bad Cod Be Batter, pipped Run AMC to the winning post with a mileage difference of just 0.4 and a host of winning selfies.

But it’s not just away days we know about winning. On Friday, we were thrilled to find out we’ve been shortlisted for seven CIPR PRide Awards for the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region and this year we celebrated winning more than 50 awards in our agency lifetime.

Amongst our gongs we count three European Excellence Awards we’ve won in four years for our Issues and Reputation Management work and the three UK Public Sector Agency of the Year Awards as well as CIPR’s pub quiz team of the year, we’re proud of them all!

But why enter Awards? It’s not just because we’re competitive, honest. Being recognised by our industry builds credibility and recognises the creativity of our team and the results we’ve achieved for clients.

We’ve had clients approach us after seeing news of our awards in the papers or on our website, and the Award wall in our Harrogate office never fails to impress visitors.

Acceleris is a boutique agency with some very specialist credentials and campaigns, but we’ve often fought off big corporate contenders to win Awards – last year we beat IBM and Lidl in the Issues and Reputation Management category, plus – believe it or not – the Catholic Church! To be recognised for our creative thinking and campaigns and hold our own against some big players is testament to just how hard we work for our clients.

The CIPR’s PRide Awards celebrate the very best PR campaigns and teams in the region and we’ve got stiff competition across the region.

We’ve been shortlisted in seven categories (out of seven we entered if you must know) for a range of different campaigns, including our work launching disability organisation Purple, promoting greater autism awareness in airports for Experia, celebrating 100 years of maritime charity Seafarers UK and helping manage the reputation of Britain’s seafarers with trade union Nautilus International.

The results will be announced at an awards dinner on 30 November, but to read a bit more about our award-winning campaigns, take a look at our Awards cabinet.

Election Fever!

Ellie St George-Yorke, Account Director at Acceleris

Another week, another election. I know I’m running the risk of sounding like Brenda from Bristol but it does seem like we are having a lot of politics at the moment. You can’t walk into a coffee shop or sit on the train without overhearing a conversation about who said what or who forgot which figures. As we all head to the local school or community centre to cast our vote once again, here’s a quick look at how brands have jumped on election fever over the years.

This year, craft beer enthusiasts and marketing wizards, BrewDog has launched a campaign to create their own exit poll. It is encouraging voters to post a selfie of themselves outside their polling station and show their snap at BrewDog bars around the country for a free pint (who doesn’t love free booze!)

As ever, it’s crucial in what appears to be becoming a closer and closer election for young people to turn out to vote. Let’s face it, this election is one in particular that could be won or lost based on the youth vote. With this in mind, for a brand marketed at young people to be mobilising the youth vote has received a bit thumbs up on social media as well as appealing to its core demographic, driving them into its pubs and bars.

Elsewhere in election news, Banksy has got himself into trouble this week promising to send free prints to anyone voting against the Conservatives. Unfortunately for Banksy it turns out that bribery is frowned upon by the powers that be, no matter how much you are frustrated by the status quo and the Electoral Commission stepped in. In a rather sarcastic and aptly appropriate U-turn Banksy caved and retracted the offer via his website.

What’s interesting is to look at the spike this stunt has created in terms of Google searches for Banksy over the past week. As you can see while the great man himself calls the stunt ‘ill-conceived and legally dubious’, it certainly made an impact with keywords ‘Banksy vote’, ‘Banksy election’ and ‘Banksy website’ all appearing as rising searches over the last seven days.

When it comes to jumping on the interest around the election our clients are no exception. For maritime professionals’ trade union, Nautilus International, we have created an animation showing the UK’s reliance of seafaring and seafarers and have used this to encourage election candidates to support the maritime industries first in their manifestos and hopefully, once elected, in reality.

The animation forms part of the Union’s Jobs, Skills and the Future campaign which calls on the UK government and maritime industry to deliver decent work and training opportunities for British seafarers now before our seafaring skills and fleet are lost forever. By using the election as a hook to spread the word of the animation, the campaign has allowed the Union to shine a light on the issues facing those working at sea.

No matter the outcome on Friday morning, it will certainly have been an interesting period in our country’s history and there are opportunities for brands to piggy back or influence (maybe subtly) the outcome and aftermath of the election to encourage voters, who of course are consumers as well, to vote with their feet as well as their hearts come Thursday and beyond.

The Importance of Communications

  We’re a talented bunch here at Acceleris HQ – as well as having experienced PR professionals, journalists and copywriters on the team, we also have people with experience in Marketing and Advertising. A recent discussion about the disciplines of Marketing, PR and Advertising and this inspired me to blog about what Georgia, Carys and I learnt…