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Feet-up Friday!

Simon's fancy footwear!

Simon’s fancy footwear!

We are a charitable bunch here at Acceleris and last week saw us get in the festive spirit to raise money for UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

The #SlippersforShelter campaign aims to support children and their families facing homelessness this Christmas and as we work in both the housing and charity sectors, it seemed like a good idea to get behind the campaign.

The fundraising began on cue with an in-house pool tournament organised by our resident housing specialist, Simon Baylis. The rules were simple – or so we thought. Each participant was ranked on their pool ability from 1-10 and knockout matches were drawn by an independent adjudicator.

Despite intense competition and some controversial tactics from certain players, the tournament resulted in a final three-way play-off.

Alex and Rebecca

Quiz winners Alex and Rebecca

However it was Alex Whitaker’s calm, composed display in the final which saw him crowned champion in the Crucible. He earned himself the coveted grand-prize (and some fantastically festive footwear).

Alongside the drama of the balls and pockets, we also organised fundraising quizzes for clients, suppliers and staff. These tested our musical knowledge and our ability to identify flags, films and fish. Once again Renaissance man Alex triumphed alongside quiz partner Rebecca Jackson.


The main event however, was the novelty of wearing slippers around the workplace as we uploaded our ‘slipper selfies’ on Twitter. Last year, Shelter documented over 400 photos and – we sought to better this all by ourselves!


The 2015 prize for ‘Most Homemade Effort’ went to Simon Baylis for his creation and elsewhere, bells jingled and tinsel glistened underfoot as the tweets flew out on social media.


At the end of the day, we had managed to raise an impressive £170 (and nine pence) for Shelter!

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped support an incredible charity whose campaign is giving hope to those without a home this Christmas.

Fancy footwear on display

Fancy footwear on display


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