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Three reasons to hire a copywriter

Katie Wadsworth - Copywriter / Account Executive, Acceleris

Katie Wadsworth – Copywriter / Account Executive

We all know how important first impressions are.

Experts believe that it only takes seven seconds for us to form an opinion when we meet someone new and the same thing can be said about customers making split decisions when they first see your brand.

The language you use on your website and in marketing collateral is important as it sets the tone for how you and your brand are perceived and shared by staff, potential customers and investors.

You can have an all singing and dancing website with high quality photography, video content and great design, but if the copy isn’t up to scratch, you risk putting people off.

Poor spelling and bad grammar suggests a lack of attention to detail which can make consumers question the quality of your products and services. Websites and social posts are often the first thing people view when they are looking for a new supplier or business partner, so if your copy isn’t up to scratch, your customers might start to question the value, or even the credibility, of what you’re offering.

But fear not, because for every company in need of winning communications, there is a copywriter armed with pencil (or keyboard) ready to set your copy straight.

So, why should you hire a copywriter?


  1. Attention to detail

Put simply, spell check isn’t fool proof. We’ve all experienced the horror of autocorrect where a text message or email is accidentally sent with an embarrassing mistake and while you may be able to laugh it off with friends, you want to make sure there are no silly errors in your copy.


Source: Huffington Post

Now I must admit spell check does make our lives a little easier, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t fall foul of Word autocorrecting your brand or product names, especially if they’re unusual, to something bizarre because it can’t understand.

The antidote to this is to get a real human to proof your work. Letting a copywriter work their magic means you can be sure any duplicate words or autocorrect errors will be swiftly removed. A second pair of eyes is also useful to ensure your copy makes sense to the reader. It is important to remember who you’re talking to as acronyms and technical language might make sense to an industry expert, but may sound like double dutch to your customers.


  1. Grammar

You may have heard the phrase ‘grammar saves lives’ and it’s true. Just take Rachael Ray (below) as an example.

Source: Tastefully Offensive

I’m fairly confident in saying Rachael hasn’t actually cooked her family or her dog, but this magazine cover is a great example of where a lack of punctuation can leave you at the very least feeling silly, or in the worst case, land you in hot water!

It’s a well-known fact that copywriters are sticklers for the correct use of punctuation, so to make sure you don’t end up giving the wrong impression, it’s always worth letting a professional give your copy a good read.


  1. Time

Do you really have the time to write all the content for your new website or complete the copy for your next newsletter on time? If you’re pushed for time and writing content in a hurry, you’re more likely to make mistakes and not show off your brand to its best.

Source: Shutterstock


The key to good project management is delegating, so why not let the professionals handle the copy, leaving you time to get on with all the other things on your ‘to do’ list!

So if you just can’t find the right words, or you have a whole editorial project which needs managing, just shout and a copywriter will be there to give you a helping hand.

At Acceleris we have our very own dedicated Writers Inc. department which is poised to help you tackle any copywriting brief or take on editorial projects you need managing (we even write books).

To find out more about how we can help, or if you just fancy grabbing a coffee, get in touch

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