Why it’s so important to get a rebrand right

Rebranding is all about establishing a new, uniform identity – to refresh and unite a business or to signal a new direction for a company.

But when Haringey Council’s rebrand was unveiled this week, it was met with backlash online, with residents and locals labelling it childish and a waste of money.

Just so you know, this is the new logo devised by Haringey Council…

BS1995_Haringey_TapeType_RED_RGB (002).jpg-pwrt3

… which was met by a few tweets from disgruntled residents…



Local newspaper The Haringey Independent got in on the act, running an online poll to find out readers’ views – where more than 50 per cent of visitors branded the logo ‘terrible’.


At a time when councils and local authorities are feeling the pinch from the Summer Budget and are having services stretched, many are calling out Haringey Council for wasting money on a rebrand. Yet rebrands are a part of a wider campaign – in this case to attract people to the borough, boosting the local economy and ultimately generating a greater income for the council.

Out of context, the logo may not inspire, but as part of a wider campaign, supported by video and an online campaign (#IminHaringey) to encourage people to take pride in their community, the message is one of unity and Haringey being a place to be proud of. The image was leaked to the media ahead of its launch, so the council was unable to control the aim and reason behind the campaign and the logo itself.

Remember the 2012 Olympic logo? There was outrage and indignation online when it was first launched, but as soon as the OIympics started, it was touted as a symbol of national pride.


Here at Acceleris we’ve worked on a range of rebrand projects, from the UK’s leading fabricated steelwork company Severfield to an innovative new housing model, Rentplus. With all our projects, we work hard to really understand a company’s ethos and identity and establish a brand that fits a business’s visions and values.

You can’t always rely on everyone to like a logo – we’ve had a few arguments amongst ourselves when brainstorming ideas – but at the end of the day, it’s about the wider message it sends, and #IminHaringey is an important campaign for a borough that has seen some tough times.

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