What can we learn from a day of #journorequest?

Simon Baylis, Account Director

Simon Baylis, Account Director

What do DIY dentistry, Scottish cupcakes and Armenian TV have in common? The answer is they were all the subject of the hashtag #journorequest on one day this week.
This hashtag has been around since at least 2010 but provides a useful way for journalists to source contacts, case studies and information for stories they’re working on.
However after a few years I thought it might be interesting to see if it was still being used and what sorts of things journalists were asking for.

There were 114* tweets throughout the day featuring the #journorequest hashtag.
Below is a chart showing the most common type of posts. Perhaps unsurprisingly help with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and relationship stories were common as were job adverts and people using the hashtag to promote their goods and services.

Graph of #journorequests for one day

Although this was only a snapshot on one day, the sheer variety of requests demonstrates the breadth and variety of subjects covered. It seems no matter how niche the subject matter, someone somewhere is probably writing about it: http://www.buzzfeed.com/patricksmith/the-most-baffling-journalist-requests-ever#.xb5lOnMRr5

Tea bloggers and bin divers
We had requests asking if anyone knew a tea blogger, how to find an Algerian fixer and seeking vegetarians in care homes as well as someone asking if it’s legal to rifle through people’s rubbish bags (it isn’t).

There were also several requests for people who use safety deposit boxes or who would admit to DIY dentistry following news stories on these issues earlier in the week.

Although it wasn’t possible to gauge the level of response generated by each request, most seemed to pick up several retweets and replies.

Given more time it would be interesting to follow this up and speak to those involved to find out how useful they found the process compared to other ways of finding information.

However from the evidence of this quick survey it appears that #journorequest is still being used widely and continues to offer real opportunities for journalists and PR professionals alike.

Let us know if there are any other useful hashtags out there.


*All 114 tweets were sent between 9am -6pm on 8 April 2015 using the #journorequest

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