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An Intern’s Insight – My First Work Experience within PR

Helen Mehammer

Helen Mehammer, Intern at Acceleris

The day I had been looking forward to for so long was finally here, my first day as an intern at Acceleris. Would this be as eye-opening as I hoped it would be? As an international student studying in Leeds, mainly working within customer service in Norway, I was curious about what it would be like working in the UK, especially within PR and communications.

I was given a warm welcome by Alison who gave me a tour around the office. Just after I got settled at my desk for the week, I was invited to join the Monday team meeting. I was keen to get immersed in agency life; it was great to receive this introduction and to be given my first research and social content tasks.

I graduated from the University of Agder in Norway in March 2017. By that time, I had already been accepted at Leeds Beckett University as a MA PR and Strategic Communications student and I had planned to undertake a work placement during my second semester. As I did not have work experience within communications and knew how difficult it is to get ‘ahead of the game’ within the media industry in Norway, I saw the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience not easily achieved at home.

Not knowing where to apply, I attended a session by Ellie and Rebecca from Acceleris who were visiting my University to talk about working within communications and tips on how to apply for an internship. The meeting was inspiring, and Acceleris seemed like a good place to work. A short time after, I sent my CV and cover letter to Acceleris – and I got a placement for four weeks. I was ecstatic!

Working at Acceleris has absolutely been eye-opening. Doing research for clients, producing content for social media and brochures, and writing press releases are a few of the many tasks I’ve been able to do. I have also learnt how to use Canva, a picture editing program used to produce content e.g. for social media channels. I have also been introduced to GoAnimate which can be used to produce different animations and infographics, which was fun as I didn’t have any knowledge in that area until now.

My time as an intern has not only shown me what it’s like to work within communications, but I have also been part of a great, friendly working environment, where everyone makes coffee for everyone! Being an intern at Acceleris is absolutely worth the time, and I highly recommend doing a work placement here.

If you too would like to get ‘ahead of the game’, find out more about the Acceleris Academy work experience programme: http://www.acceleris-mc.com/pr-jobs-harrogate-london.html

All About Experience – An Intern’s Insight

Joe Sanderson – intern at Acceleris

The age-old problem for recent graduates is lack of experience. We’ve all heard it in countless interviews, or seen it on graduate job advertisements. How can I be expected to have experience when nobody will give me any?! This is what I was asking myself as an email popped up from Acceleris, inviting me to do a two to four-week internship in Harrogate through the Acceleris Academy Programme.

I had heard about Acceleris from the Prolific North website, on which they are listed in the top 50 PR agencies in the North. Great, I thought, this is a really good company and they’ve offered me an internship, starting immediately – what’s the catch? It turns out there wasn’t a catch; Acceleris is just committed to giving graduates and young people a platform to boost their career prospects, and this is something I’m extremely grateful for.

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2015 with a degree in History and Politics, I worked as a recruitment consultant for nine months. It’s safe to say it wasn’t the job for me, so I left and decided to go back to university, Leeds University to be exact, to do a Masters degree in Political Communication. I’ve always had a passion for politics and an interest in communication and, if I’m being honest, I had no idea what profession I’d like to work in, so it seemed like a good option.

I started the course on a part-time basis and would have finished in September 2018. However, as it often does, life got in the way, and my long-term girlfriend and I found out we would be having a little girl. I decided to leave university and pursue full-time work to support my family, and I set my sights on PR. I had learned a great deal about PR theory during my Masters course and thought it would be a great way to combine my passion for writing and communication and my interest in business and the corporate world.

My lack of experience wasn’t a problem for Acceleris; they were happy to give me an opportunity, and I’ve been given a real taste of the world of PR. Acceleris interns don’t just make the teas and coffees (although I made, and drunk, my fair share!), you really are treated like a contributing member of the team. During my time here, I’ve been given real responsibility with client work, from writing press releases, blogs, and working on a large copywriting project, to in depth research tasks and saving client coverage. It’s been a really diverse few weeks.

Acceleris interns are not simply assigned any old task that needs doing; I’ve been given the chance to express what it is I enjoy the most and get involved in that side of the business. For me, that has been Writers Inc, the copywriting division of Acceleris. So much so that I’ve stayed for four weeks rather than two, which I guess means I must have done something right!

Overall, it’s been a great four weeks with great people and interesting work. As I write this, I am half way through my last day and I will definitely miss the place and the people. I’m genuinely grateful to have come across a company that doesn’t focus on the fact that you don’t have enough experience, but on how it can give you experience. I hope to take what I’ve learned and use it to gain my first full-time position in the industry and who knows, I might even come back one day in the future!

The Acceleris Academy provides work experience placements and internships to students and graduates looking to get a head start in the industry. To see how the Academy could help you, drop us a line!