Stunt for a Sponge

I’m sure that we’re all familiar with the renowned ‘Scotch-Brite’ scourer sponge. It’s something that’s been a staple on our sinks for years, but probably not something you’d immediately consider for a creative PR campaign. Well think again!

Scoth-Brite wanted to get young consumers in Brazil more interested in donning their rubber gloves and getting stuck into the washing up, so launched an innovative campaign targeting Sao Paulo’s restaurant-goers.

The brand teamed up with several of the city’s restaurants, known for being popular with the target audience, to offer patrons a unique way to pay their bills. Upon finishing their meal, each table was presented with a Scoth-Brite sponge giving them the opportunity to wash-up instead of handing over cash for their food.

Unsurprisingly, almost everyone offered the choice immediately delved into the soapy water and washed their bills away!

This is a fantastic example of how creative thinking and a simple idea can transform something which is let’s face it, not that exciting, into a PR success. All hail the humble sponge and this unique campaign from Brazil agency, Grey141, for putting the sparkle back into dishwashing!

Thanks to PRexamples for showcasing this great stunt

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