An Intern’s Insight: Henry, Research Assistant

Acceleris offers internship through Disability Action Yorkshire

Henry Acceleris Research Assistant Disability Action Yorkshire internships

Henry, Acceleris Research Assistant

“Going to Acceleris has helped me feel more confident in myself and more positive about finding a job…”

Henry recently joined the Acceleris Academy programme as an intern through the agency’s partnership with Disability Action Yorkshire. Henry, 20, is from Ripon and is currently enrolled at York College studying Hospitality, having also done an ICT course last year.

He joins us for a couple of hours each week as Research Assistant, supporting the team on vital tasks such as media coverage books, researching diary dates and events, and creating spreadsheets. He has even helped with magazine content plans for the Writers Inc. department.

We sat down with Henry in between tasks to get to know him a bit better.

Q: What has it been like working at Acceleris?

“Good. I have learned a lot doing the research tasks. I have felt calm, even when I’m trying to grasp new things, and the team are very helpful.”

Q: Do you like working here?

“I have really enjoyed working at Acceleris so far.”

Q: What do you like about working here?

“I like everything about it – I can even help myself to fresh fruit! I like to keep busy – working is good for me.”

Q: Have you worked anywhere before?

“I have volunteered in a café and helped look after police dogs.”

Q: What do you want to do in the future?

“I want to live independently and have a well-paid job. Preferably I would like two part-time jobs – one as a researcher and one working in a café.”

Q: How has working at Acceleris helped you generally?

“Going to Acceleris has helped me gain more work experience which will help me in the future. It has made me more confident in myself and I feel more positive about finding a job. I also feel I know more about the workplace now.”

Henry Acceleris Internship Disability Action Yorkshire Antony Longmire Job Coach

Henry, Acceleris Research Assistant, with Antony Longmire, Job Coach from Disability Action Yorkshire

Q: And what do you like doing outside of work?
“I like reading and tabletop role play games. I want to try writing for myself, too.”

Q: Any plans for Christmas?
“I hope to get more tabletop games!”

Acceleris is a ‘Disability Confident: Committed’ employer, working to provide internships in partnership with Disability Action Yorkshire, a charity that provides support and training services to disabled people across the county. The Disability Confident scheme aims to improve access to employment for disabled people. 

We have also worked with Purple, the not-for-profit organisation that works with disabled employees and employers alike to break down barriers to employment for disabled people.

For more information on the Acceleris Academy and what it’s like to work for us, please visit our website.

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