Interns Insight: Anna Talks Putting Skills to the Test

Having recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in English, I was keen to gain an insight into the world of PR.

Throughout university, working in PR had become increasingly appealing for its creative opportunities and involvement with the media. A two week work experience placement with Acceleris was the perfect opportunity for me to challenge my writing skills in a professional environment and to learn what PR agencies do to progress their clients.

Anna Fozzard - Intern

Anna Fozzard – Intern

At first I was apprehensive that I would be able to grasp a variety of different clients’ needs. I was also concerned that the creative writing skills I had developed at university wouldn’t transfer over to the professional sphere. During my first few days with Acceleris, both of these apprehensions were put at ease. I was given lots of information from my mentor, Ellie, about the agency’s clients as well as examples of previous projects. She also gave me thorough instructions of how to write a press release which was invaluable information.

Throughout my two weeks with Acceleris, my expectations of PR were both met and challenged. I was pleased to see a keen level of teamwork within the office. Everybody was more than happy to help if I, or anyone else, needed a second opinion. I was surprised to discover how creative PR could be. From writing press releases, to devising pitches and creating films, there is always a project that requires innovation. I really enjoyed getting involved with these projects and always felt that my contribution was appreciated.

Working with Acceleris has confirmed my aspiration of pursuing a career in PR. It is rare to find an industry that has the opportunity of working with such an extensive range of clients.  I really enjoyed working as a team and being able to write with the purpose of achieving a clear goal. I am hopeful that this experience has put me on track for a career in PR.

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