Have a Word: Ten reasons to use a professional copywriter

Where will my content come from? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when producing marketing materials for your business. If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house marketing specialist, this will be an easy question to answer. If you don’t, you might choose to write the content yourself or outsource it to a professional.

- Charley Durham, Senior Copywriter and Editorial Project Manager

– Charley Durham, Senior Copywriter and Editorial Project Manager

If you have never used a copywriter before, here are ten good reasons to do so:

1) Time-saving

Surely the top reason to use a copywriter is the time it will save you – all precious minutes and hours you could be spending running your business. Our graphic design and web development friends tell us that one of the most common obstacles to the completion of a project is the supply of content. Even with the best of intentions, providing content yourself is not always straightforward, particularly if you are rushed off your feet, and can seem all too easy to put on the back burner, despite it being one of the most crucial elements of any project.

2) Creativity

Any writer worth their salt will apply the same level of creativity to each and every job and give it 100% effort. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ to copywriting. The right copywriter will not be complacent and will bring ideas to the table that you might not have considered.

3) Objectivity

We understand that a great deal of pride, energy and commitment goes into making a business succeed. For this reason, writing your own business materials can pose the same challenges as writing your CV; you can either dramatically undersell yourself or do the opposite and boast about how great your business is. A professional writer will get to know your business inside out before putting pen to paper and when promoting your business they will do so objectively and focus on the benefits to the customer.

4) Efficiency

Using a professional will mean they are focused on getting the job done within the allocated time and budget. This does not mean scrimping on quality – this simply means they’ll be experienced in delivering projects when they say they will and work efficiently to do so.

5) Experience

Experienced copywriters are worth their weight in gold. It’s not just the time they’ve spent honing their craft; with that time brings diversity and the occasional challenge. All of this serves to create a better and more conscientious copywriter and enable them to turn their hand to any topic or sector. (Keep reading for more good reasons to use a copywriter…)

6) Additional knowledge

Copywriters are not just savvy wordsmiths. They will have many other strings to their bow, such as knowledge of SEO copywriting techniques, experience using content management systems, advice with working with other types of suppliers (most copywriters will be experienced project managers) or social media tips.

7) Accuracy

Every good copywriter will know that every fact and every claim must be correct and properly sourced. Misleading or misinforming customers is guaranteed to end in disaster. That is why they will undertake thorough research and/or interviews with key staff to get the information they need and double-check key details. You should be concerned if your copywriter doesn’t ask you for more information or who to contact for that extra inside knowledge.

8) Commitment

A good copywriter’s feet will always be placed firmly under the desk, not upon it as they lounge back in their chair congratulating themselves on what a good job they’ve done in winning your business and hard-earned cash. Copywriters quite simply care about their work and their clients. It is important to them that a job is well done, that the client is happy and that their work will contribute to the ongoing success of that business.

9) A second pair of eyes

Agency copywriters will nearly always have an experienced proof-reader working with them. This means content is not just checked once; it is checked twice, three times or more and this is before it even arrives in your inbox. That’s quality control at its best.

10) A safe investment

Unless you have a dedicated comms professional working in-house, opting to write your own materials can often be a false economy. Like any creative, good copywriters will be very proud of what they do and will rely on their reputation. A ‘right first time’ approach should be taken on every job and copywriters should always display willingness to work closely with the client should amends be required. The reasons above go to show why using a copywriter is as legitimate an expense as the design work going into your new materials.

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