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Five Reasons to Hug a Good Copywriter

Did I say hug? I mean hire, which is pretty much the same thing as it recognises the value of copywriting and the role of the copywriter.

Charley Oakes, Senior Copywriter and Editorial Project Manager

Charley Oakes, Senior Copywriter and Editorial Project Manager

It’s been 12 months since I last wrote an article for the Acceleris blog. I haven’t been slacking. My last piece, ‘From Projects to Parenthood’, was my temporary farewell as I began my maternity leave. I’m now back at ‘Acceleris Towers’, getting involved in new Writers Inc. projects, catching up with colleagues, making contact with clients, and ah, enjoying a cup of coffee that’s still hot!

As this fresh chapter begins, I’m taking a fresh look at what makes a good copywriter and, more importantly, the five key benefits to clients from having one on their side: Quality, Value, Expertise, Perspective, and Care.

1. Quality

Copywriting is writing, at the end of the day. We are professional writers, whose job it is to get under the skin of your organisation and give it a voice. That voice must be convincing, its message clear and error-free, and its tone appropriate to your audience. It’s what we do. The quality of our work must be a given, otherwise we’d be out of a job.

Purple disability website copy

Copy produced for Purple, a not for profit organisation dedicated to reducing the levels of inequality between disabled and non disabled people

2. Value

Poor copy, while not always a deal breaker for audiences, nearly always reflects badly on an organisation and makes it look unprofessional. Tight, clean copy will always do the opposite. Never underestimate that. Also, the initial outlay on research and copywriting should be seen as an investment, as content can often be edited to suit other platforms.

3. Expertise

While every project starts as a blank canvas, we will always refer to previous experience where appropriate. Good copywriters produce impressive work, from little creative gems to large projects working with multiple partners and stakeholders. You will learn a lot about your copywriter through the examples they choose to show you.

4. Perspective

I’ll explain. Good copywriters are natural researchers. We never put pen to paper without learning about our subject matter, whether that is through desk research or interviewing key people. A copywriter should never be dismissed for lack of sector experience – their flair for the written word and research skills should be enough to manage any sector or topic.

Many companies opt to produce copy themselves. Some do a good job. But we often find clients can be too close to their subject matter to pull out the truly salient points. By choosing someone from the outside, copy can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Acceleris copywriting Nautilus whitepaper

Whitepaper produced by Acceleris for maritime trade union Nautilus International

5. Care

We genuinely care about what we do, throughout the entire process, from initial research to the feedback of happy clients. We literally got our hands dirty reviewing the archives of Seafarers UK dating back 100 years (the boxes were a bit dusty, but there was treasure inside). On receiving the final Seafarers UK centenary brochure we’d written back from the printers, we knew we would not have had it any other way.

We were also responsible for the ‘Expect a lot from us’ strap-line on law firm Addleshaw Goddard’s website, a small but powerful aspect of a major copywriting project. Every time we see it makes us smile; it may be AG’s message, but it says a lot about our ethos too.

Addleshaw Goddard website strapline copywriting

So go forth, find a copywriter, and give them a hug.


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Hugs are optional.