Does this make scents?

In a time where technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, it’s up to marketers and advertisers to find different and exciting ways to captivate their audience.

Georgia Scott Acceleris Junior Account Executive

Georgia Scott – Junior Account Executive

In the past few years we’ve seen a rise in the number of 3D films in the cinema: Avatar, Star Trek 2 and Iron Man 3 – the list goes on… 4D short films are also on the rise, with many theme parks showing well-known film franchise 3D shorts but surprising audiences with extras such as pyrotechnics, water effects and live actors.

Advertisers are now following suit, engaging audiences with more than just great visuals. The first time I experienced a ‘4D’ advert was on holiday in Prague. While waiting for a bus in the middle of a busy street on a cold February day, my friends and I all looked at each other in confusion at the same time. We could all smell strawberries. We then realised the bus shelter had an ad for Lipton Tea and they had used a scent pod to help advertise their new berries range.

Brilliant, genius and dare I say it, ‘cool’ were all words that came to mind.McCain – baked potato scented ad - 2013

‘Smellvertising’ has become more prominent in the last year or so. McCain set up a baked potato scented bus stop campaign which involves having to push a button to get a delicious whiff!

These kinds of innovations also major in the PR world.

For example, McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes placed lickable wallpaper in an office building lift (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!). Using an idea from such an iconic film attracted people due to the sheer nostalgia of it.Jaffa Cake Lickable Wallpaper

Sensory advertising can be really successful. I was once given a small patch of red carpet in the street and on turning it over, it had an ad attached for Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Rockstar Treatment’ flights. It brought a smile to my face and later that year I did in fact fly with Virgin Atlantic.

Smell, touch and taste are often overlooked senses in communications and ad campaigns. I can’t wait to see what these industries come up with next.

We’ve devised a range of memorable events and PR stunts for our clients. Remember the stop-motion animation we did for Candlelighters?

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