Ellie Smith

Seafood Week Part 1: It’s Of-fish-al! National Seafood Week is here!

In factories, plants and sites across the country, there are signs proudly announcing the number of days the company has gone without accidents.

On the wall of the Acceleris office however, there is a sign saying:


fish 1

This is because today is Fish Pun Day! Wahoo! (actually a fishy member of the mackerel family for those who don’t know). In an office full of people who love words and language, it’s easy to get carried away with pun one-upmanship, but finally CEO and head punster, Peter, is free to say ‘oh my cod’ or ‘plain sailing from here’ or ‘right plaice, right time’. I would go on but just thinking about it is giving me a haddock…!

Fish Pun Day marks the start of National Seafood Week (9-16th October) and we, at Acceleris, are getting ‘on board’ to share some of our ‘brill’ experiences working with fishermen and seafarers.

Over the next week, members of the agency’s maritime division will be sharing their experiences of working in the maritime and fishing sectors. We will also be busy on Twitter using the hashtags #Gethooked, and #SeafoodWeek to share ideas, videos and examples of our work so raise the periscope.

fish 2

fish 3From royal visits to a retired seafarers’ care home and dunking celebrities in shark tanks to defending hardworking fishermen and championing sustainability, Acceleris’ maritime work in the last two years alone has taken the team to Munich, Dublin, Brussels, London, Vigo, and of course closer to home trips to Grimsby and Hull! Some of our award winning fishy work has also been studied by students at the University of the Arts London.


So get ‘on board’ and ‘set sail’ for a week of insight and top tips for communications for the maritime industry. Oh and don’t forget buoys and gills, if you can think of a batter fish pun, let minnow!


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