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How to Respond to Negativity Like a Boss!

A bowl of sweets sparked political outrage this week on…

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What’s in a Name? How VW Dealers Can Protect Their Reputation Following the Emissions Scandal

On 18 September 2015, Volkswagen’s corporate reputation went up in…

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Peak Tech: Are We In The Midst Of a Backlash?

Last month Amazon announced the Dash, their one button device…

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Source: Emirates

Mayday: Handling social media during a crisis

How Emirates delivered a textbook example of how to respond…

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Source: The PRCA's new branding

‘What’s In a Name?’ – PRCA rebrands but does PR need two professional bodies?

The PRCA changed its name this month to...the PRCA (now…

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Facebook for Business

In a world where we’re exposed to up to 5,000…

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More Than Just a Shiny Trophy!

It’s easy to write off awards as nothing more than…

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‘Wrecked’ by David Jenner, winning image in the ‘Ships and Wrecks’ category of the 2015 Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society photography competition)

Keeping a weather eye on the issue of ‘sea blindness’

Sea blindness refers to ignorance of our island nation’s continuing…

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Kellogg's cereal cafe new york experience economy

The key to cereal success?

On Monday 4th July, cereal giant Kellogg’s opened its first…

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Boaty McBoatface

Positive Publicity or Compromised Credibility? Boaty McBoatface and Maritime PR

The maritime community has not often found itself on the…

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